NE12 Sixth Form

Study Support

Study Support is what takes place outside "normal lessons" to help students achieve.

Departments regularly offer after school help for students who are working towards examinations.A range of extracurricular experiences are on offer to students outside the school day. The school provides a variety of on line learning systems, such as MyMaths, that students can access from school and home. In addition, there are Study Support resources available in this section of the school's site website

In terms of whole-school Study Support, the work of the Achievement Support Coordinator (ASC) in each Year Group is specifically to monitor (track) progress of students and implement strategies to help raise achievement. The ASCs have the opportunity (on a rota basis) to work with individuals and/or small groups of students with particular mentoring needs throughout the year as well as being available to cover for Tutors to allow them to be involved in mentoring work. Achievement Support Learner (Mr O'Dea) also works closely with all ASCs to support a variety of Intervention strategies.

The activities outlined above are all good examples of the broad range of Study Support across the school. All students are encouraged to participate in study support activities to help them achieve well.

Some Study Support Activities are calendared across the year and play a key part of our strategies for raising student confidence, motivation and achievement. They include: 

  • After school clubs
  • Study Skills Residentials, e.g. Y11 Revision weekend
  • Study Days -  Year 11 exam preparation
  • Intervention programmes e.g. Booster programmes for GCSEs
  • Personalised Learning Programmes
  • ASC mentoring programmes
  • Assertive Mentoring programmes
  • Master Classes for Gifted and Talented youngsters at a local University
  • Regular target setting and progress checks

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