NE12 Sixth Form

RE and Social Sciences

Staff Members
Miss A Rigby (ARI) Curriculum Leader - RE and Social Sciences
Ms R Bennett (RLB) Curriculum Leader - Psychology / SENCO
Miss S Wigzell (SWZ) Teacher

Curriculum Intent

To provide students with the best possible experience of RE and Social Sciences through a curriculum that inspires a desire to learn more about other people and different social, moral and philosophical issues.

To enable students to understand their place in the world in relation to others.

To give student opportunities to reflect on their own morality, culture and spirituality.

To provide students with opportunities to share their beliefs, values and opinions and engage with others thoughtfully and respectfully in discussion and debate.

To allow students to develop their knowledge and understanding as well as practise and improve their ability to explain and evaluate.

To allow students to achieve the best possible outcomes at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.

RE and Social Sciences Scheme of Work

Key Stage 3 RE

Downloadable File

Key Stage 4 RE

Downloadable File

Key Stage 5 RE

Downloadable File

Key Stage 5 Sociology

Downloadable File

Key Stage 5 Psychology

Downloadable File

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