NE12 Sixth Form


Staff Members
Mrs N Fenn (NFE) Curriculum Leader
Mr K Harrison (KAH) Teacher (part time)
Mrs C Jordan (CJO) Teacher (part time)

Curriculum Intent

To develop students logical and computational thinking skills which can be transferable.

To develop student’s problem solving skills enabling them to become resilient in their learning.

Provide a high quality, enriching and innovative curriculum using the very latest technologies.

To teach students how to be safe and responsible digital citizens.

Provide opportunities where pupils can make, test and refine a digital artefact for a specific purpose and with a specific audience in mind.

To allow students to develop the skills required for KS4 Computer Science and I.T.

Computing Scheme of Work

Year 10 BTEC

Downloadable File

GCSE Computing Science

Downloadable File

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