NE12 Sixth Form

Business and Enterprise

Mr Leon Allen (LWA) Curriculum Leader
Mrs Lisa Moll (LJM) Teacher

What is the intent of the Business curriculum?

To raise the profile of the subject (through recent course changes at GCSE, assemblies, Careers lessons and upcoming course changes at A Level),

To offer a rigorous curriculum which can be accessed by mixed ability groups,

To build key life skills (confidence, decision making, numeracy, literacy, a can-do attitude, resilience, analysing, evaluating, interpreting etc.),

To foster a passion for business by making lessons interesting, varied and relevant (linking to business news and a range of activities),

To attract more female students into the department through the careful selection of organisations used, the classroom strategies deployed (so that females are more assertive in class), and the promotion techniques used by teaching staff,

To provide the best pathways for students to take their desire for learning further (A Level introduction to facilitate entry to all universities and not just ‘most’),

To ensure that timely assessment supports students to make aspirational levels of progress through PiXL strategies and achieve impressive outcomes.

Business Scheme of Works

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