NE12 Sixth Form

Physical Education

Staff Members
Mr Mark O'Dea (MTO) Curriculum Leader
Mr Mervyn Bell (MAB) Teacher / Transition Coordinator
Mr Mark Cartwright (MCA) Teacher / Performance Achievement Leader
Mrs Catherine Patrick (CSP) Teacher / Curriculum Leader - Health Education
Miss Sarah Stewart (SST) Teacher
Miss Amy Tatters (ATA) Teacher / Achievement Support Coordinator Year 10

Curriculum Intent

The overall intent of the PE Curriculum at George Stephenson is for the students to participate fully, to foster an environment where students can challenge themselves and to enjoy being physically active in their PE lessons.

At Key Stage 4 & 5 the intent is to further develop this interest into a strong theoretical knowledge in sport and physical activity to enable students to develop their interest and prepare them for academic sporting destinations or in the job sector at a higher level.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum is designed to enable students to experience a broad range of activities that enable them to develop their physical skillset, their leadership and social qualities and enable them to develop a lifelong interest in physical activity and sport.

This curriculum provides students with the basis to develop their skills and mind-set towards physical education and to progressively improve their ability to produce required skills in different sports, take responsibility for their own learning and develop key personal skills that can help them in their wider school experience.

To ensure that students are given opportunities to develop a lifelong interest in sport and physical activity and provide pathways for students to perform and contribute to the highest possible level both academically and physically.

PE Scheme of Work

Key Stage 3 and 4 Core Physical Education

Downloadable File
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