NE12 Sixth Form


Staff Members
Mr Paul Rochester (PRR) Curriculum Leader
Mrs Jodie Proudlock (JOP) Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mrs Nicola Snowball (NSN) Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mrs Judith Elliott (JAE) Teacher / Numeracy Co-Ordinator
Mrs Louise Riccalton (LOR) Teacher / Achievement Support Coordinator Year 7
Mr Andrew Scott (AWS) Teacher
Dr Tom Fisher (TFI) Teacher
Miss Jemma Jobling (JJO) Teacher
Mr Peter Douthwaite (PDO) Deputy Headteacher
Mr Michael Kearns (MKE) Teacher

Curriculum Intent

The Mathematics Department will provide students with exciting, relevant and challenging Mathematics.

Students will understand the underlying principles of the mathematics they learn, making links and developing reasoning and problem-solving skills. Students will become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, so that they develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.

Students will progress towards being independent mathematicians who can identify correct and incorrect work for themselves. Where work is incorrect, students will be encouraged to use their mistakes to make further improvements and ultimately increase their resilience when faced with challenging topics.

Building confidence in mathematics will be the key to all lessons and students will be challenged in order to maximise their potential.

The Mathematics department will provide interesting and effective lessons, accurately diagnose weaknesses in all students and ensure appropriate interventions take place in order to ensure good progress for all students

Mathematics Scheme of Work

Key Stage 3 - Year 8

Downloadable File

Key Stage 3 - Year 7

Downloadable File

Key Stage 3 - Year 9

Downloadable File

Key Stage 4 - Year 10

Downloadable File

Key Stage 4 - Year 11

Downloadable File

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