NE12 Sixth Form

iLearn (Year 7 Students)

Staff Members
Mrs Helen Smith (HES) Curriculum Leader
Mr Callum Grange (CGR) Teacher
Miss Sarah Fearnley (SAF) Teacher
Miss Rebecca Hulme (RHU) Teacher
Mr Michael Kearns (MKE) Teacher
Miss Rachel Knox (RKN) Teacher
Mr Carl Reid (CMR) Teacher
Ms Sally Rix (SRI) Teacher
Mr Eric Williams (EWI) Teacher

Curriculum Intent

iLearn is a Year 7 course designed to develop students’ Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication skills (LORIC).

The course begins with an introduction to the different skills and how students can develop these in different contexts.

Students then begin to apply these skills in a series of collaborative challenges which have an authentic audience, such as creating a display for a local museum or making a film that they go to watch at Newcastle University.

iLearn offers students the opportunity to be really creative while developing the skills they will need to be successful both in school and throughout their lives.

iLearn Curriculum Mapping SoW

Downloadable File
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