NE12 Sixth Form


Staff Members
Mrs J Walby (JOW) Curriculum Leader
Ms K Bailey (KLB) Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Moat (MMO) Teacher
Mrs H Smith (HES) Teacher / iLearn Coordinator (part time)

Curriculum Intent

To provide a curriculum that the students will enjoy learning and develop a desire to further their knowledge and understanding.

To develop and ignite a passion for the world around them locally, national and globally through the Geography curriculum. This will evolve through a range of physical and human units and within this there will be links to local, national and global issues that will determine how they live their lives.  

For students to develop and build on knowledge and understanding as they move through the school to allow all to make progress.  

To provide opportunities for students to practice what they know through a variety of teaching strategies to deepen their understanding.

To develop key/life skills e.g. map skills, literacy, numeracy, describing, justifying, analysing, communicating, evaluating, discussing and synthesising information.

To allow the students to develop the knowledge and understanding required to enjoy and achieve the best possible outcome at KS4 and KS5.

Geography Scheme of Work

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