NE12 Sixth Form

Design Technology

Staff Members
Mrs Amy Douglas (ALD) Curriculum Leader
Mrs Nicola Hutchinson (NHU) Teacher - Art and Design
Mr Simon Patrick (SPA) Teacher - Design Technology
Miss Helen Wheatley (HMW) Teacher - Art (part time)
Mrs Janet Supriadi (JSU) Design Technician

Curriculum Intent

‘Art is an international language-it transcends ages, nations and time-it brings people together’

At George Stephenson High School, we believe that Art and Design helps learners develop both creatively, spiritually and emotionally. 

Art and Design is integral to culture.  It provides us with a deeper understanding of the world around us.  It makes us self-aware and challenges our decision-making, enabling us to take risks and be both reflective and honest, while allowing us to express ourselves and better understand the world in which we live.

Design Technology Scheme of Work

Key Stage 4 Photography

Downloadable File
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