NE12 Sixth Form


Staff Members
Mr C James (CAJ) Curriculum Leader
Mr D Narcross (DJN) Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mrs L Shipley (LMS) Assistant Curriculum Leader
Mr S Tyson (SJT) Teacher / Assistant Headteacher
Mrs F Barclay (FBA) Teacher
Mrs R Bell (RCB) Teacher (part time)
Mr B A'Court (BAC) Teacher
Mr A Withers (ACW) Teacher / STEM Coordinator
Mrs A Brindle (ABR) Teacher / STEM coordinator
Mrs L Middlemas (LMI) Senior Science Technician
Ms L Richardson (LSR) Science Technician

Curriculum Intent

To provide students with exciting opportunities to develop scientific thinking, challenge misconceptions and enable secure understanding of significant scientific ideas to enable them to become confident adults; able to question what they read and make informed decisions for their future.

To provide the best possible experience and exposure to biology, chemistry and physics throughout KS3 to KS5 (whole schools intent it to provide the best possible educational experience).

To allow for progression of fundamental science principles building on their prior learning to enable all students to make progress (through KS3 to entry level, combined and separate science qualifications).

To develop key life skills including literacy and numeracy skills applied through science; experimental design; confidence in carrying out practical work; team work; problem solving, evaluating, explaining,  analysing and synthesising information within a scientific context.

To provide a curriculum that highlights career opportunities and STEM enrichment linked to each topic to link the abstract ideas in science to real life potential careers.

To enable students to develop secure knowledge and understanding required to be successful and achieve the best possible outcomes at KS4 and KS5.

Science Scheme of Work

Science Curriculum Map

Downloadable File

KS5 Curriculum Mapping

Downloadable File

KS3-KS4 Curriculum Mapping

Downloadable File

Year 8 and Year 9 Establishing Overviews

Downloadable File

Year 7 Fundamental Overviews

Downloadable File

GCSE CS Physics

Downloadable File

GCSE CS Chemistry

Downloadable File

GCSE CS Biology

Downloadable File

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