NE12 Sixth Form

Educational Visits and Trips

Parents/Guardians are able to make payments online by Credit/Debit Card or by PayPal using the ParentMail System. Currently over 99% of Parents/Guardians are registered to use ParentMail for school trips, revision guide payments and any other school activities.

Parents who are unable to pay online can use a PayPoint facilty.  You must request a barcode from the school and you can pay cash at your local PayPoint.

When you make a PayPoint payment, your account and your school will be notified by 3 pm the following day.  For this reason, we advise if you are paying for something on a first come, first served basis, that you pay online or through PayPal to avoid missing out. Please note, you can only pay with a PayPoint barcode if the item is above £5 and below £149.99. 

Upcoming Trips

February 2020 & 2021 Ski Letter Austria 2020/USA 2021 letter to parents

Downloadable File

Educational Visits and Trips for the Academic Year 2019-2020

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