NE12 Sixth Form


Staff Members
Ms Claire Ward (CLW) Curriculum Leader
Mr Edward Houghton (ETH) Teacher / Achievement Support Coordinator Year 9
Mr Michael Ronan (MWR) Teacher / Achievement Support Coordinator Year 8
Mrs Clare Barclay (CLB) Teacher - part time
Ms Sally Rix (SRI) Assistant Headteacher

Curriculum Intent

Provide an engaging History curriculum for all student which encourages passion, engagement and motivation regarding History.

Ensure students are provided with excellent, varied learning opportunities which fully supports their progress in terms of content, knowledge and skills.

Deliver a coherent, well planned curriculum which also covers wide-ranging, thought-provoking topics and concepts to ensure students are appropriately challenged.

Actively support and endorse the school’s curriculum intent.

Encourage students to question and understand the world around them by developing their skill in critiquing sources of information to encourage empathy and moral understanding

History Scheme of Work

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