NE12 Sixth Form


Staff Members
Mr M Scott (MAS) Media Lead
Mrs K Williams (KWI) Deputy Headteacher
Mrs L Dunn (LDU) Assistant Headteacher
Miss H Stephenson (HST) Teacher
Mrs H Bell (HCB) Teacher
Miss L Cook (LCO) Teacher
Mr A Wallace (AGW) Teacher

Curriculum Intent

To provide a curriculum that will challenge learners' understanding and perception of the media technology that surrounds them and they use each day.

To develop analytical skills, which allows learners to understand the artifice of media texts and allows them to appreciate the elements of persuasion and manipulation embedded beneath the surface of media texts.

To provide industry standard software for learners to develop digital skills which enable them to develop careers in media contexts.

To develop and ignite a passion for the world of media around them locally, nationally and globally through the media curriculum. 

This will evolve through a range of representation and audience units. Within this there will be links to historical and contemporary issues that will enlighten how they see others and the digital world around them.  

For learners to begin to develop an understanding of media theory. This body of knowledge will become increasingly complex and expand in breadth and detail. This will develop into varieties of viewpoints covering the same issues eg gender representation.  As they make progress, the expectation is for learners to apply a range of interpretations independently and to evaluate their validity.

To provide opportunities for students to practice what they know through the creation of media products. By applying briefs, and researching existing professional practice, learners will be empowered with communication skills which reach beyond the confines of the media curriculum.

To develop digital skills and an enlightened understanding of the digital world. This will empower learners to appreciate how their lives are affected by the media technology around them. In some cases, it will hopefully result in learners developing future careers in the media.

Media Scheme of Work

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