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What are study lessons?

This is additional time allocated to each student, to be completed in the study area. Each student is timetabled one lesson, per subject, per week where they are supported by the Learning Mentor. Students who travel to other schools for lessons will still complete study lessons at GSHS. These lessons are of vital importance and are used to complete additional reading, exam practice and revision. Students are expected to arrive prepared with the appropriate resources. There is a resource bank where students can access additional reading and resources. The study lessons are registered, and facilitated by the Learning Mentor or Teaching staff. Parents and guardians will be informed of progress and letters are sent home if attendance becomes a concern.

Do students have to attend registration?

Yes, when students have morning lessons, enrichment or study lessons they must attend registration. We offer a range of beneficial form time activities that support students with transition into Sixth Form, ‘life skills’, revision techniques and university guidance. Assemblies are held on a Friday morning in the study area. Letters may be sent home for students who repeatedly miss registration.

Do students need to call in to report an absence?

Yes, any absence should be reported to the school attendance office on (0191) 216 1115. Students can also email Mrs Ronan or Miss Bell with details of their absence. Students can call to report their own absence. However, if this becomes a regular occurrence we may seek parental approval of continuous absence.

How does the bus system work between Longbenton and GSHS?

Our schools provide free shuttle bus transport between the schools three times a day; at the beginning of the day, lunch time and at the end of the day. This ensures that all students arrive to the correct school on time for lessons. Timetables are available in the study room or main reception. Th Bus Timetable can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

What is Enrichment? Do students have to take part?

Enrichment is a compulsory programme that runs every Tuesday. The Enrichment programme has been carefully created to cover topics such as employability, health and wellbeing and study skills. There is also time allocated for voluntary/unpaid work experience where the students gain valuable and transferrable skills in an area/subject they are interested in. This is important to have when applying for jobs or university places. Students complete a small Enrichment presentation at the end of the year where they can reflect on and discuss their experiences.

Is attendance and punctuality important in Sixth Form?

Attendance and punctuality are closely monitored on a weekly and half termly basis, we view good attendance as extremely important. The study room has an attendance and punctuality board where students can see their attendance every half term. Students and parents will be notified if attendance is low and letters are sent home if attendance is below 90%. Praise letters and positive phone calls home are often made by the Sixth Form team based on good attendance and punctuality.

What help is available in Sixth Form?

There is a range of academic and pastoral help available and we encourage everyone to seek assistance whenever they need it. The Head of Sixth Form and the Learning Mentor work off timetable and are available before, during and after school to provide full time support. Students can also spend time with a Family Liaison Worker as a one off or with a regular appointment. Each department may also offer their own range of support and intervention, including after school revision sessions and 1-1 support in school time. Form classes are made up of Year 12 and Year 13 students to provide additional peer support and mentoring.

What financial help is available in Sixth Form?

Students who meet the bursary criteria can apply for the 16-19 Bursary scheme for North Tyneside Schools. This helps with the costs incurred as a result of attending Sixth Form. An application form was included in the GCSE results pack. It can also be found on the school website or by visiting Students receiving the bursary payment are expected to maintain at least 90% attendance, be making good levels of progress and have no significant behaviour concerns. The school can hold payment of the bursary until these expectations are met.

How can Students keep up to date with important information?

Communication with students via email is important in Sixth Form. We ask everyone to have access to their school email account as this is how we will communicate important messages and information on events/opportunities. The study room features a ‘what’s going on’ board and messages are also delivered during tutor time and study lessons.

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Bus Timetable - get from LHS to GSHS

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Bus Timetable - get from GSHS to LHS

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