NE12 Sixth Form


Staff Members
Mrs Eleanor Little (ELL) Curriculum Leader - Health Education
Mrs Catherine Patrick (CSP) Assistant Curriculum Leader - Health Education
Mrs Anne Hayes (EAH) Teacher - Food and Health Education
Mrs Alix Henderson (AMH) Teacher - Food and Health Education (part time)

What is the intent of the Health Education Curriculum?

To provide a curriculum in line with the new statutory guidance 2020  in which students have the knowledge, understanding, skills and  attributes to be happy, healthy and safe in school now and for the  future.

To learn how to value individual differences, encourage  them to succeed in everything they do and help them to become caring,  confident and responsible young people.  This is in line with our school  mission statement “We provide the best possible educational experience  for all”

To create a safe, positive and stimulating environment for learning by developing an atmosphere of tolerance, trust and respect.

To  provide opportunities for students to practice what they know through a  variety of teaching strategies to deepen their understanding.

To  develop the skills and attributes to be a good British Citizen  understanding how to respect each other and not to show prejudice or  discrimination.

To develop knowledge and understanding of all  aspects of mental health and emotional wellbeing as well as physical  health such as diet, exercise and first aid.

RSE Scheme of Work

Key Stage 3 and 4 - Health Education

Downloadable File

Curriculum Mapping for New Statutory Guidance 2020

Downloadable File

RSE Policy

RSE Policy GSHS July 2020

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