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Theatre Sans Frontieres:

Theatre sans Frontieres:

Theatre sans Frontieres: La Chanson du Retour (The song to take you back home)

On the afternoon of Monday 5th March a Languages event was held at school for all Year 7 students.
Theatre sans Frontieres, the award winning theatre group, joined forces with The Sage to bring us this special high energy musical adventure, entitled "La Chanson du Retour", which was performed in French.  Apart from being an educational and cultural experience, the performance was an interactive show, packed with funky songs, rhythms, rap and dance, with opportunities for audience participation, including singing and chanting in French.

The central character, Lea, found herself transported into the strange world of her computer game, and we were invited to join her on a magical musical journey through the different levels of her game, as she helps her friends come face to face with the evil Le Maléfique, before finally finding the song that takes her back home again.

The Year 7 children seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show, some commenting on how "awesome" it was and "c'est super" during the performance.
This was a fantastic opportunity for students to develop, in a fun way, both their understanding of the French language and their awareness of cultural diversity.