Sixth Form

We encourage our students to continue their education after the age of 16 and approximately half of them do so.

The range of courses on offer is designed to allow all students the opportunity for further study. All students are welcome into our Sixth Form, provided they are committed to their studies and to making the most of all that is on offer here.

Students in the Sixth Form are given a considerable degree of choice in the subjects they study and are guided individually as to what will be realistic and appropriate for them through a series of interviews.

The options include AS, A Level and BTEC courses which can be mixed as far as the constraints of the timetable allow. We now collaborate with two neighbouring high schools so that we may offer all students a greater range of course choice than we would individually be able to.

Full details of our Post-16 provision will be made available to students and parents in December of Year 11.

 "The curriculum is enriched by a number of subjects and activities designed to ensure that all students achieve well and benefit from their time in school" "The curriculum has been successfully adapted to cater for the needs of all students" (Ofsted 2008).

North West Cluster - Sixth Form Prospectus - September 2016 - 17

[click here] to download pdf version of Sixth Form Prospectus. (warning this is a large file and may take a while to download)